Entry #1

New music account!

2007-09-28 01:36:37 by Scrap-Sound

Hello, Zenon on his uber-alternate account here. Or one of them, at least.

I ran into this girl and she inspired me to write this awesome track in under 2 hours, believe it or not :O Lots of effort tossed into this one.

I call it "Melissa". She deserves a song with her name in it.

So, for other people, this is the account I'm dumping all my "awesome" works on. So keep all your eyes peeled, eh?

Keep it easy Newgrounds;



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2007-09-28 01:58:26

Why don't you use 1 account for everything?

Scrap-Sound responds:

Because I couldn't change the name of my other account.


2007-09-28 13:11:13

not bad! voted 5!


2007-09-29 02:55:37

I lol at all your alts.

Song's pretty sweet though.


2009-01-22 14:35:43

boring!!! it sucked!!!!!