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I got my music used in an awesome flash. Sweet.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks for making it. I also cut you in for a nice dish of the revenue. So let people know about this.

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Why hello there.

Drum 'n Bass and breakbeat are possibly my favorite genres, and I can see you will be soon a prominent dnb artist soon if you keep this up.

I've only got two pieces of advice for you: the reece should really sound like a reece. Take out a lot of the bass from the drums so the deepest they go is around the 200 Hz mark, and then make it so the bass actually has bass. Add a sub bass in the background or something to provide that "bowwwwwwwww", you know?

And second, don't use the Amen break as your main drums. Since it's a loop, it's impossible to EQ the snare, bassdrum, and hats separately. It wouldn't hurt if you sapped all the bass out of it and then used your own samples for your hats, snares, and bass drums, but using only the amen break for your main drums is a pretty bad idea.

Awesome work though; fix these things up and you'll have one hell of a library of drum and bass tracks to filter through :)

Could you check out my first track on this account? I've been working on it for a while and I got my friend Speedmetalmessiah to do a sick guitar solo at the end for me. If you could check it out and tell me what you thought, we'd both really appreciate it :)

Keep it easy buddy.

Hey Maestro :D

Believe it or not, it's me. Zenon. Again. With another alternate account, since I can't change the name of my main account to this name. So hi.

The song is ridiculously clean and beautiful sounding, and I even hear a beautiful choir near the middle/end segments. My God, your stuff is sure getting impressive :O

*checks age*

Oh, you've got 4 years on me, you cheating bugger ;) Time sure is a bitch. Excellent work man, I'm thoroughly impressed. For seriously.

Me and Speedmetalmessiah finished up a collaboration; well, it's not really a collaboration, I just got him to do an awesome guitar solo at the end of it. That's actually the purpose of me making this account; all my collaborations and "good songs" go on that account, so I have an account to refer to in the future, you know? I am by no means ditching Zenon :O

If you could check that song out man, me and Speed would both love you seriously.

Awesome work on this song man, your skills always impress :) Keep it easy!

MaestroRage responds:

My stuff is getting impressive? Coming from you Zenon, thats quite a compliment. I listen to your work regularly, and I remember when I first joined Newgrounds, I think like what, 2 years ago? Your stuff was... rather interesting :P. The leaps and bounds you've taken are a testament in of itself, and I believe you have progressed more then I have. I gues i'll have to eat your brains and call it Sunday.

As for age, I don't think thats got anything to do with squat, as I started music at 17 :D. Though I believe an aged mind allows you to comprehend and analyze things on a deeper level. Cuz you know all that "I r eldor, tharfore I r elso smert".

I have heard your work with Speed, and it's incredible. I really think you guys should do more work together, you're styles match up well! I will keep close track of that account, I look forward to what else you will bring to the table!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the heads up on the new account also!

Hi, it's me Zenon. All of my more "important" songs go here. Collaborations, 'good songs', and other nifty things. Enjoy the music, people!

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